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Most definitely need occlusion culling and want to learn how it’s done!


Oh my!! Red Ethans in my prototype. Occlusion would be great for stationary camera. I think I am going with a free look system though

@Daniel_DeLibro I went with this also but i had to put the same camera as bens back in.
I wanted to have the free look camera move only when the right mouse is pressed in problem is that it moves the camera focal view on clicking it and i wwant it to ignroe the first click.
I havent worked it out yet but wanted to give you a heads up the little trap i put myself in. :slight_smile:


@Marc_Carlyon thanks for the heads up. I am catching up on all the videos at the moment but I will take a look at that issue soon. I’ll let you know what I come up with.

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Just a heads up so you know what i did (its kind of obvious how to do this bit)

        if (Input.GetMouseButton(1))
            if (m_VerticalAutoReturn)
                // For tilt input, we need to behave differently depending on whether we're using mouse or touch input:
                // on mobile, vertical input is directly mapped to tilt value, so it springs back automatically when the look input is released
                // we have to test whether above or below zero because we want to auto-return to zero even if min and max are not symmetrical.
                m_TiltAngle = y > 0 ? Mathf.Lerp(0, -m_TiltMin, y) : Mathf.Lerp(0, m_TiltMax, -y);
                // on platforms with a mouse, we adjust the current angle based on Y mouse input and turn speed
                m_TiltAngle -= y*m_TurnSpeed;
                // and make sure the new value is within the tilt range
                m_TiltAngle = Mathf.Clamp(m_TiltAngle, -m_TiltMin, m_TiltMax);
            // Tilt input around X is applied to the pivot (the child of this object)
            m_PivotTargetRot = Quaternion.Euler(m_TiltAngle, m_PivotEulers.y, m_PivotEulers.z);
            if (m_TurnSmoothing > 0)
                m_Pivot.localRotation = Quaternion.Slerp(m_Pivot.localRotation, m_PivotTargetRot, m_TurnSmoothing * Time.deltaTime);
                transform.localRotation = Quaternion.Slerp(transform.localRotation, m_TransformTargetRot, m_TurnSmoothing * Time.deltaTime);
                m_Pivot.localRotation = m_PivotTargetRot;
                transform.localRotation = m_TransformTargetRot;


Basically it works as MouseButtonDown is called every frame but on the initial button push (right mouse) it sets the view to where the cursor is which is annoying. I am yet to find the solution but if i fine it i too will likewise post it up :slight_smile:

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Funnily enough i after enough google searches i found something.
Someone already did what we need and for free.!/content/10962
Now we only actually need one file out of this asset and its the one called BoundBoxes_maxCamera.
Now i just opened in unity into a new project and then imported just that file into thje RPG project.
Just add the script to the Bens Main Camera and turn off the Camera Follow on the Camera Arm.

Admitted the zoom needs work as it tries to zoom on Ethans feet. (Fix Target Offset y -1.3)

Ps Do remember to turn off camera follow script on th camera arm else the camera stutters :slight_smile:
Now to go read how he did it!


I just got to this today as I have been very busy. I’ll have to check out that asset. I did my own which is working pretty well, just a few quirks to unquirk.

Had fun with the Billboard. I have a bunch of red enemy but are thinking of adding other colors for when we get around to enemy behaviors


Occlusion culling would be awesome to learn for this please. I feel it will be needed. Here is my ‘world’ so far.

Here’s the first stage of my prototype - trying to get the camera to match. Copying the camera angle of Dungeon Hunter 5


And here’s the final article. I’ve sped up the character a fair bit and placed the enemies as per the screen shot. I am thinking about a few things.

  • Have the enemy set up a some sort of barrier on the bridge, and they install a rail gun, then minions pile over the barrier
  • At the same time I’m trying to wear away the barriers
  • I might have some NPC’s with me as well helping take out the minions as they pour over the barrier.
  • Perhaps one of my jobs is to find a way to stop the enemy completing their rail gun otherwise it will slaughter all of us.

Here’s my first attempt.

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Awesome…thanks! I’m assuming this right button thing will become an issue someday when we want to use that for something besides the camera but maybe not. Either way, this is awesome for now!

Going for a bit more of an enclosed dungeon crawler feel. Little bit of tweaking still to do, especially around jumping. I do want some element of platforming, but haven’t been able to find any settings in the Ethan prefab that feels good, so may require more work further down the line.

I have noticed that if you set Jump Power to 0, he just kind of hovers in the air forever though :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the tips @Marc_Carlyon.

You learn just as much from fellow students as well.

I’ve have just started playing a game called Eternium. Looks like a game very similar to torchlight. I think I’ll start off with something similar.

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