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It might just be me but the crouching fix actually triggered my character to be crouching when i ran into a mob of enemies.
I had to comment out the scaling for crouch beneath the part Ben comments out to fix it.

Thanks, we certainly fix it towards the end of the section when we strip crouching code altogether!

I enjoyed this challenge. It had some easy wins – destroy and collision, and some hunting/analysis – crouching code. Thanks!

@ben Just a side note, in the quiz following this lecture, answer two and three are the same yet only answer three is correct.

Thanks Cam, I actually can’t see the question number you’re referring to? I’ve looked through all questions in quiz 2.4 and none seem to have duplicate answers for 2 & 3?

Sorry, Ben. I just did the quiz again myself and I too couldn’t see what I reported. I’m either going mad or was delirious at that point in time. Sorry to waste your time.

Assuming it was this question;

The original answers didn’t specify a unit of time, I raised this with the team. Rick updated it but then both answer 3 and 4 had divide instead of divide and multiply. Re-raised with the team and Rick corrected.

@ben - was recorded in several places, IRR, Trello, Q&A etc…


Thanks, Rob. That makes me feel much better.

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Good to know you’re not going mad :slight_smile:

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