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From the original art I selected any large black line selected shrink by 5 pixels and later deleted that. That ended up with the beginning line art to start with.

Another way to make art. I’m surprised how quick the process was.



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Great technique! Good experimentation.

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Figured nearly every game I have ever played has some sort of running animation, so I hammered out another running sketch this morning to use for this one. Feel like the tablet really came in handy for getting to fAO values


I feel like I need more practice with the sketching and scaling, so I also went with a running from the side sketch. I think I overdid it on the shading a bit, but thats what more and more practice is for.

Just some dude leaping with a battle axe!

axe leap

Watched the rest of the video to realise I’ve got the lighting completely wrong, but ah well, I think it’s not a bad early attempt!

I actually preferred the hard edge look of the pencil tool for the shading rather than the airbrush tool.




Added a six-pack for my ninja. Did some clean-up of the lines. I used the airbrush, placed some dots. Then working with the smudge tool. Sharp edges or fades.

I updated the picture, by adding a shadow on the floor because it receives also occlusion.


A little subtle shading goes a long way. I feel like the shading on my banana-butt gave it more depth and makes it look like a 3D image:

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Just went the easy/fast way… but still, didn’t think that adding a little bit of shadow makes such a big difference. Especially the arms look good imo


I love the girl with the ball! :slight_smile:

Wiesiek’s cyclist:

been working on some assets for a game jam my friend and I are making together. I’m designing the player character along with the course! Here is what I have just after I finished this lession: