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Hi Guys!
For my first dialogue, I decided to go with text instead of sound. The dialogue is triggered using the same technique. I wanted to add some interaction so the player could reply to the NPC (there is no choice at the moment). But the Dialogue System got complex really fast raising some doubts and concerns…

Player getting healed by the NPC.

My Dialogue System works right now, but I know it’s too complicated and I can’t re-use it to have more dialogues in the same level.

What would be the best way to create a Dialogue system that allows the following:

  • Replies from the Player.
  • Trigger animations to show reactions and make the conversation more believable
  • Trigger functions, so the conversation is not just made by text. For example, a function for healing, get a key to open a door, etc.
  • And can be used as many times as needed, so each dialogue is different depending on the NPC.

Any ideas or suggestions?
You can see it working now here, please don’t pay so much attention to the content. I’m still working on it, but you will see the different reactions triggered during the conversation.

Thanks in advance:slight_smile:


@CreativebytheSea that looks awesome.

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Thanks so much @Stephen_Crookes :slight_smile:

Finally I figured out a solution. I built a basic Dialogue System that can be attached to any game object.
The Dialogue System allows adding as many dialogues as you need and call methods from anywhere. Like that you can have animations, sounds or anything linked to each line of the conversation. That makes the dialogue more interactive and fun.

For example triggering an animation with sounds and particle systems when the NPC Healer heals the Player.

I created a customized inspector for the dialogue to make it more friendly.

As you can see there are two scripts attached to the game object:

  • NPC Interaction contains all the custom methods that we can call during our conversation, the variable Radius to Interact that triggers the conversation, and a camera that we use to show the NPC profile image.
  • The Dialogue System script contains the sounds to open the panel, the sound for the click button and all the dialogue. You can add a call to a method in each dialogue to trigger anything you want.

The system is really basic, but it’s flexible and highly customizable. And I think it can be a really good solution for short/simple dialogues.

If you are interested, I can share the files with you guys, and you can use them for your projects. Thanks.


That would be amazing @CreativebytheSea! I’d love to take a closer look at your dialogue system please

Hi @Crede.Pendrel, you can download the files from here:

If you want to try the files, you will need to attach dialogue system and NPCInteraction to a game object. My dialogue system needs a GUI, so will need to create it and make some arrangements with the variables that are referred to the GUI. I hope it makes sense :slight_smile:


Thank you so much. I will take a look at it and let you know of I run across any issues. Thanks so much

This is amazing work!

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