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Hi guys,

Just wanted to say that this was an amazing lecture. What you said about nested prefabs and how Rick drove the point home by demostrating that the nested prefab no longer takes on changes in the original prefab and how by instantiating game object we overcome this issue.

Apparently this is an ongoing discussion within
Unity and it’s users, and currently there are 3rd party plug-ins that manage nested prefabs.

Just overall a joy to be in the course. Keep it up. High five if you agree!


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What can I say except… You’re Welcome!


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Nested Prefabs are coming later on this year. Looking forward to it.

Great lecture by the way. It has answered a lot of questions I haven’t asked myself yet.

hi ben, love you

Hello. Unity has been having nested prefabs for quite some time now. Why is this still in the course?

Otherwise, great course, extremely helpful. I could not have learned that much that quickly by myself.