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My example of a moving platform.
The red obstacles and the ground are untagged, so hitting them is boom :wink:

I have 3 levels now and looking forward to the continuation of the course.
Got lots of ideas: different modes, from easy to roquelike, different ships, timetrial etc.

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Nice! I like your spaceship model.

I found some rock assets to make mine look cave-ish, and added some falling rocks to avoid as well.

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Looks awesome! Good depth and ambiance with the lighting and the falling rocks are a nice touch :ok_hand:
I wonder what the effect would be if you place a spotlight from below behind one of the rocks .

About my rocket: originally I had the boostervins lower, but then the boosters would get stuck behind every edge hehe.
A compact model like yours seems more suitable for this game.

I’ve now added the concept of Fuel and displaying it with a gauge. I’ve also added a Fuel boost - the yellow barrel - that grants player more fuel. This should open up some additional strategy and challenge for the levels beyond just the directional controls.

I wanted to put my game video here I changed the concept a little bit , this footage was captured after lesson 66.My game

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