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Hello, just a little question. Ricks changed the water component in the scene to static. Why do we not change every environment gameObjects to static so we improve performances ?

Hi Regis, it’s more about allowing for more offline lighting baking. You absolutely can mark things as static, although we usually do this later in the process.

Hey Guys, not sure if this is addressed later, but to help everyone do note that the reason the character is jittery is because of turn speed. What it does in code is:
// help the character turn faster (this is in addition to root rotation in the animation)
float turnSpeed = Mathf.Lerp(m_StationaryTurnSpeed, m_MovingTurnSpeed,m_ForwardAmount);
transform.Rotate(0, m_TurnAmount * turnSpeed * Time.deltaTime, 0);
Note this occurs in low framerate conditions, generally under 60 i’ve seen.
(you can find and play with this in the ThirdPersonController.cs) have fun :slight_smile:

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That’s certainly one part of it — my character still spins around like a top seemingly at random when I move, and he gets stuck when moving against walls and is unable to move away. I’ve followed the code to the letter with the exception of the health bars and targeting algorithms for projectiles so I don’t get this at all. It seems to me that there’s a lot being left out of these videos.

What do you have in the system you are using? When changing the water type nothing was effected. I’ve got a 4ghz otco-core system with 32GB RAM and a Strix 970 GTX.

My character has the same wobble jiggle bug. I tried the bug fix but it didn’t work. However, this bug only happens when I have the “Enemies” game object enabled. I believe the game is lagging a lot, but I don’t know how to fix it.



I don’t have the bug. Maybe my rig is too good? Unity 2018, GTX 1060 6 GB, 12 GB RAM. 8 core CPU.
Hopefully the bug is ironed out later in the course and it is explained why it happens.

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