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Made a outline / hightlight for this health potion
health-potion-01-patternhealth-potion-outline-01 health-potion-outline-01

Neat, does make it look like it is activated, or been selected!

I have SO MUCH STUFF TO MAKEEEE but this is amazing! I am loving the course, here is some stuff I upgraded.

Original’s )
UI Slot1 UI Slot2 UI Slot3 UI Slot4 UI Slot5

After Updating )

UI Slot1b UI Slot2b UI Slot3b UI Slot4b UI Slot5b

Unsure of what I will use in my project, but I tend to build all the assets from the ground up, or at least as much as I can. Looking forward to the rest of the course!

These are still in need of upgrading :

Flag1 Shield1 Sword1 Sword1Mask

Hit_boxes_1 Hit_boxes_2 Hit_boxes_3 Hit_boxes_4
A little hard to see because they have some transparency, but seemed a perfect challenge for doing some target sights :slight_smile:

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