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Here’s what I have so far.

everything is proceeding smoothly I had no problems following all the lectures.

The only thing is that after going through both the unity and the blender course, about 1/2 of this felt like review. It seems like this course really is for people who have done the first couple of sections of the blender and the unity course, since otherwise it is going too fast. But for people who completed the other 2 courses it can feel a bit repetitive at first.

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@Michael_Bridges should be able to help with this.

Thanks @Robert_Tao_Wu

I was going for a cross over approach so I’m glad that has come across and indeed it is designed to be picked up after the first couple of sections of those courses or someone who is familiar with the packages.

Thanks for the Feedback

End of section screenshot

@Michael_Bridges No problems going through course to this point.

Since im going through the Blender course, and completed the Unity course, this is the next logical step in incorporating the two.

yes, there was a slight transition period, but, there was alot of little tips that you covered that were great and helped understand bridging the gap between the two.

now I feel in a more comfortable place to inspect and tinker with settings relating the mapping and materials.

one stands out, not sure if it comes after the Game Asset Pack section in the blender course or not, but when UV Unwrapping having the UV Map synced to show all the faces even when deselected was great.
i did replay that few seconds just to see what exactly that icon was and its position.

All in all enjoying it and it does what it says on the tin and has been invaluable imo. looking forward to hearing what you have planned and more about the maps (normal, occlusion, height etc) cant quite wrap my head around the occlusion map quite yet :slight_smile:


Just finishing up the course, and had a quick question before posting my review. Is Section 3 lecture 25 the last lecture for the course? Your last comment is the series is see you in the next lecture?

Great course as always, will there be one create to cover the same material for unreal?


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That’s were we are at the moment, I have just finished re-writing the 2nd section from feedback.

The Assets course is likely to grow and Ben and I are discussing if we can implement Unreal into the course without it looking like it is just tacked on and also keeping the course focused :slight_smile:


Church with some roof wood brick and metal textures. Some I made myself through GIMP and the bricks are from Michael. Thanks for a great coarse.

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Nice! Great expansion on the lessons :slight_smile:

Sorry maybe you have covered it already, but what does the number, to the right of Normal map, in Unity supposed to do? I have played with it, and it seems to have no effect.


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