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I’m an Animator!!! Haha :smile:




Another one… good times


Awesome Job @Velcronator!! That’s a very convincing bounce!


Thanks. Yours too. Big fun


Keep them coming guys.


Bouncing Ball_2



Hmm, I did 200ms per frame. Seems choppy?


Little falling jelly ball. :smile:
Lecture 42 - Jelly Ball_Anim
I posted in both lectures that cover the squash-and-stretch and bouncing ball… not sure which one should be used. :slight_smile:


200ms is 5 frames per sec, that will be choppy :slight_smile:


Love it :slight_smile:


Jelly Ball


Although it was off spec i created a tire bouncing around in a garage at 153ms with 12 frames.

What has kept me sane through this project is that i used layer groups which act as frames. In the end you just have to use Filters -> Animation -> Optimize(for Gif) in order for it to work properly. I feel as if this will be discussed in a future stage but i feel like sharing it in case someone else is having trouble with layer management in animation(I certainly was).


Jelly Ball


Ball_Anim 2


Jelly Ball


Forgot to add the floor. hehe. And it seems my ball is self conscious.

Ball falling off a ledge

Glad I grasped the concept


41-42 red jelly ball with background


Not as fancy as most of these, but here’s mine: