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Here comes Marathon-Dude:


There is a Copy Constraints to Selected Bones command, which allows you to select a bone, then shift select another bone, and copy the constraints on the second (active) bone to the first one. This is really handy for copying constraints from one side to the other on legs and arms. You can find it by pressing Space, then typing “copy constraint”.


I call this one, Electra …

First I started with a simple lego figure. It’s nice, but due it’s construction, armature and bending arm and legs, was not that problematic. So I created my own character. Created a pose and I did some experimenting on materials.
Added some hair, just as an learning process. Recalling lessons learned earlier.


Cube Guy Walking


Here’s an excellent website for range of motion information:


Darth Cuber goes for goal.

Great article @Frank_Van_Atta thanks.