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@Rick_Davidson can we get the slides of this lectures, in a separate document or somewhere?
they’re really good reference material, perhaps link them in the resources spot of the lecture?
(the ones you used for explaining levels paradigms (such as hub, and loop and shortcuts)).
besides that, wonderfully explained as usual :slight_smile:

Great point! I’ve added these slides to that lecture in Udemy (currently lecture 125). :slight_smile:

Hey Rick,

In the course suggestions i mentioned that level design was my block and now i know why.
Until now we dont actually cover level design in as much detail as you have here and as i progress further though your lectures i am picking out instance and maps particularly from “Rappelz” where they use multiple of these in an open world.
Still a little groping in the dark for the level designers cap here but i think i caught the brim :slight_smile:

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