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Great job, keep on sharing your work and well done with your commitment to the course.




Bouncing AND spinning ball… :smiley:
Lecture 41 - Layer boundaries


Flying Shuriken


Spinning bowling ball.


Original bouncy ball was 1,48kb and after reduction, I managed to get it down to 834 byte, which I find impressive, very useful for optimization with no visual changes.
Even my Gimp work files have gone 7,05kb to 4,45kb.

I also tried the quick optimization on my HUD, but with less fortunate results as it had distorted a good few things for some reason, so I suppose with some things, it be better to go and do it manually from layer to layer to make sure everything works as intended.




Always nice to see your work.







there i played a bit longer with the delays AnimatedAxe-v3


In the GIMP v 2.10 the auto crop layer function isn’t under the layer tab, anyone know where is it?


Here is my optimized ball animation. For some reason the first frame of the preview in Gimp looks weird but the export works just fine.


Frame 1 Preview


It is called ‘crop to content’ in v2.10


Bounce2 1,327 bytes

Bounce2optimized 633 bytes


Wiesiek’ ball (1,149 bytes)->(548 bytes):


I decided to use what I’ve learned and have a go at a vertically bouncing ball with lighting and a shadow on a plank with optimized layers.


And here’s a bigger version.