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My solution to a man walking a dog in a park :slight_smile:


Here is my man walking dog in the park

Tree was omitted due to forum rules.

Only new users can put 3 images in a post. Might want to adjust that since Michael asks us to do 3-5 images for this lesson.


Man walks a dog in a park in the middle of a city :slight_smile: Really tough with 8x8


Man walks dog in park with ducks. It’s a challenge to keep it at 8*8 pixels. :sunglasses:


Looking Great guys.

Speaking with Sam now about that image limit


Ah, I just made this simple - man walks dog. Gotta say though, understanding what was expected of me was not easy, and seeing others’ posts I’m afraid my ability to use 32x32 images for representing images or concepts is wanting - felt as if I need a little more artistic way of looking at things. Perhaps you can help clarifying more in this area.

PS - While knowing I can use the color tab is a good thing, I ignored it as I found it a bit disorganized for my liking. But I’ll probably use a personalized setting of it in the future.


Thanks for sharing, great early image!


Man walking his dog in the park. It’s amazing how long one can spend tinkering with values on images that are only 8x8! Can’t wait to continue the course!


I tried to get man and dog in the same picture. Then park, with a swing set for good measure!


Here we go, heres my images, yeah totally agree you can get soo lost with time, even at this resolution :slight_smile:


I took a bit of creative license with mine because I have no idea how to draw and this is how mine came out. :stuck_out_tongue:


Man walks poodle to the park, where they enjoy the flowers and trees…


Here is my attempt at the dog walking challenge!

my thinking here was the man -> his dog -> In the park -> Having Fun


Here is my man walking in a park with his dog

or arranged correctly…


Here it is I have Man / Walking / Dog / Park / Whole Scene. So I tried! Definitely need to work on my skills.


A man walking his dog in the park late at night


So… There is a man… kind if… that does some walking (close-up of body sans head…) And then there is a dog… And an arrow (“in”). finally, I tried to convey the image of a gravel path with some trees and stuff next to it.
Kind of not that good… But with some explanation of it maybe? :laughing:



Michael_Bridges set the bar high with a pretty cute dog, then Velcronator upped the ante with a duck!

If mine’s a bit hard to decipher:
zoom back with…
The leash!
View of the park between man and leashed dog, from behind.

oh hai busata :stuck_out_tongue: