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My thoughts are that the Component Pose is different than the Base Pose what that difference is I’m not so sure, maybe it’s the animation pose from the parent bone where the IK will be applied?.

The Effector Location is just where the effect is taking place, a 3D coordinate in local or wold space relative to our IKBone, the Joint Target Location I assume is where the two parent bones meet, the inflexion point in other words.

From the details panel we have the IKBone, this should be the bone for the Effector Location to happen, for example a foot, then you can specify the effector location if it’s in local or global coordinates.

No clue what Bone Space might be, perhaps it’s referring to another bone’s location?

I hooked it up like this:

caused the hand_r to be constrained to an arbitrary position, so much so that they can’t even rotate the Gun.
Strange but fun !!

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