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Version control system in a 2000-year-old text, say whaaaaaaat?

I just completed “Introducing Version Control” and immediately following, it goes into game dev stuff. However, throughout the topic of version control, I was waiting for the instruction on how to revert to a previous commit. I found the future discussion about rolling back version control as it was applied in a mind-boggling example in a much more advanced setting. It’s presented in a rushed, sort of after-thought manner that seems uncharacteristic of what I’ve seen so far. I doubt stash applies to the example in the version control intro, and the second of the 3 is what I’d use at this point - I think. I wish the rollback could be added to the Version Control Introduction in the context of getting started with it, vs the example in the future discussion which covers material I’m no where near at this point where it’s being introduced.

In the version control intro, using the simple example in the lesson, wouldn’t it be just a couple of point/clicks to revert to a previous commit? I’d like that quick solution, if possible. I played around with the hard reversion, and if I’m working off a few hours of changes, is the hard reversion so bad? The warning makes it appear to be a dangerous move.

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