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When I run the Hello World file, it says: cannot open “stdio.h”, “tchar.h”, “SDKDDKVer.h”. Did I forget to install anything?

Please re-run the Visual Studio installer and…

  1. Choose Custom install
  2. Check Programming Languages > Visual C++ > Common Tools for Visual C++

Thanks, I fixed it now.

[I’m a dummy; VS installed two separate applications, including Blend. Didn’t see the other vanilla VS executable. Now we’re cooking. Carry on. Thanks!]

Just dove into the course and have hit a wall here with Visual Studio – following the directions and installing VS gives me a program called Blend For Visual Studio. The program looks similar to what’s shown in the tutorial videos with a few exceptions – one, the UI is black (not white) and two, I have no option to create a Win32 console application under C++. I can create a Windows Universal app, which seems fairly useless in this situation as I’m not running Windows 10.

Any help would be appreciated, as I’d love to move forward. Thanks!

@Nick_Chester, I am assuming at this point that you have watched further into the lessons than myself but during the lesson following this one we were asked to find and help with a previous question. As there really aren’t any questions on the previous posts and even if there were, I am certainly not capable of providing much help as this is my first experience with c++, I thought that I would just nitpick a bit for that sake of using the knowledge given to me.

You should have used the format of asking questions that makes clear your problem, how to replicate it ( as far as you know ), and anything that you’ve tried to resolve the problem. It would also be helpful to list your problem eg.

  1. Your problem
  2. How to replicate, if possible
  3. Any error messages received
  4. Resolutions Attemped

Anyways, I am sure you know this now, if you didn’t before. Thanks for being the community member that I replied to, ;), glad that you solved your problem in the end :slight_smile:

Visual Blend seems to be part of the install these days so it is pretty standard to see it. Blend is used to create UI or the user interface for windows applications. Typically you would use this for creating desktop type applications such as a Sales system, CRM, stock trading system or something that user interact with a in more traditional(business) sense.

I tend to program servers so my experience with it is limited. At one point I loved doing front ends but got so tired of being asked for a single screen with a Do My Job button I decided to stay in the dungeon. So opening Blend when you are a greenhorn/fresh meat/bushy tailed is going to be a common mistake.

Worst of it all it looks like the IDE and you end up wasting time.

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Just ignore Blend, This app is used to create User Interface on HTML(web) or XAML (windows 8), I had 8 years of Experience using VS and I ignore always this tool, because I don’t like, And I doesn’t matter the background color, White or Blue is the same. this Color is the color of your canvas, but in the Tool menu you can change it to blue, white , etc.
developing win32 apps are deprecated.

Following the instructions in the video. I got my HelloWorld.cpp file working. Huzzah!

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I have a question about the structure of the “Hello World” application. Why do you have to use the “std::cout” expression? I think the colons are some kind of invokers, and “cout” means “console out”. I kind of understand that, but what’s the use of “std”?

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hi them :slight_smile:

That was a Cave Story reference?

BTW, already do some C++ Applications in the past, some with VS and others with QTCreator, so… done this part

@Carlos_Eduardo_Perez std means Standard basically, what you do is, “Use the standard library” if I’m not wrong

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Just to let you know: Qt > Visual Studio !
Also available in macOS

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When I go to the Visual studio and c++ i can’t find WIN32

sorry for the post, I fixed the problem now. :).

How did you fix the problem? Becaue I’m having the same issue.

See my solution in the third post of this thread, does that help?

maybe weird to ask, but, why are you using “std::out” instead of having “using namespace std;” in the header? Is there a difference?

Blend is not what you want to be using. Blend is for designing UI and displays for applications.

Open Visual Studio itself. In the New Projects option under “Start”, you should find the Visual C++ templates.

If you want a pure C/C++ program, use the Visual C++ > Windows > General panel to get an Empty Project. The Win32 Win32 Console Application also works, as employed in the lecture.

If you don’t see a New Project dialog that has Visual C++ > Windows templates like that, you need to “reinstall” and add Visual C++ Desktop development features to your configuration. Let us know when you get “Hello World” going.

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