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Hi Ben,
for this section1 lecture 2, I am currently using 2.78. And I download the latest version 2.79, do I need to delete the 2.78 before I open the latest version?
Thank you.

I’m not sure but I think if you install the new version via the site it will automatically delete the old version of blender you had, but yeah I’m not quite sure^^

I hope no one mind, if I answer to this old topic, but maybe it helps others, stranding here.
If you use the installer, I assume it simply deletes the old version or ask you what to do, but I do not know, because I prefer the zipped version.
You can extract it to a path you like and easily have different blender versions available if you need them. Hope this helps.

What annoys me the most. Is that all your settings are gone. You’ll get a factory reset. It happened me twice. Matrials gone, setup gone …

I installed Blender over the Steam-plattform. Installing-process is easier and the updates are downloaded automatic if you want it to.

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