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This is some art I did on my phone with a stylus and a drawing app. A few lines conveys so much info.


Great style

Thanks. It’s so much fun learning.

I got a good result using the threshold tool

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Realized that a) I don’t have a felt pen and b) I need to work on my anatomy skills a bit! Regardless, I’m much more comfortable with pencil and paper so this came out alright.

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I just got a new touch screen laptop so I wanted to practice my sketch on that rather than paper. So I did the sketch with the paint brush tool lowered the opacity, and then did an extra layer with the pencil tool to darken up the line I wanted to keep. This allowed me to still practice with the brightness and contrast settings to get rid of some of the sketch marks.

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Couldn’t quite eliminate the lines!


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First thing I did was looking for a reference material. This one was difficult because the black harness doesn’t show much about the bone structure.

So I sketched the bone structure, trying to use the head measurement.

Then scanning the paper and trying to contrast and desaturate the image. But my histogram was very small (not really visible) … very strange.

After some tweaking I got this as an the result.


I made a banana-butt. I had much more success in adjusting the Levels than with the brightness/contrast. When I tried adjusting the brightness/contrast I could not get the lines to look dark enough and they would look washed out.

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Pencil to Sharpie to GIMP to grayscale to levels to touch up with the eraser etc.

Dolphin and Sideways Pose were made almost a year ago.
Dolphin Pose-Front Pose-Sideways

guess what i was watching when i drew thins, cleaned up rick after messing with levels