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Heh had a little fun bug when messing around with animations before the video was released.
doing it the “right” way now :slight_smile:

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Here is my farmboy punching with his left hand! Notice a lot of weirdness regarding his handedness. His dominant hand is the left one, but he is holding the hoe in his right hand? When he punches, you can see the hoe hop to his left hand momentarily. No Idea what is happening here as usual.

This is getting to be so much fun! I’ve been collecting different animations for a while now, buying them when their are on sale on the asset store. I’ve realized how hard it can be to make real quality animations.

Dropbox link:

sorry about having to lave dropbox link. The native file type of my screen recorder apparently isn’t compatible with this website.

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I added a line of code, so that the player faces the target.


Having fun with player attack anims!



Can someone send me this animation pack? the current version is just available to unity 5.6 version, and I’m using a 5.5 version, please

My first critique point for this course. Not happy with the fact that Animation has been labeled as prerequisite. I quote:

  • You should be able to write basic C# (loops, conditionals, components, etc)
  • Some familiarity with Unity’s APIs is helpful.
  • You should know your way round Unity 5’s editor.

I’d just have appreaciated a short introduction so that I don’t have to venture off somewhere else.

Anyway, it’s not the end of the world, and so far the course has been great, and I’m sure it will get even better :+1:

i am having a small issue with animation. I just used the unarmed-attack-kick but when i trigger it from the animator player and enemies execute the animation! Actually it is make sense to me as i am working on thirdpersonAnimatorController, which it seems to be common for enemies and player. Do i need to duplicate the animator controller?
thanks for helping

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