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I’ve started using blender. It’s looks pretty amazing. Some panels look familiar for me.
I’ve worked with 3Ds Max for a long time and I’m trying to move to another software to feel free to get the best of 3D in whatever platform.

I love to do Character design and I would like to share some works that I made.


I had previously installed Blender over a year ago, opened it a few times, looked at it in complete confusion, closed it and said “someday…”. So I uninstalled the older version and downloaded, installed the newest version this morning. Hopefully this course will motivate me to actually put it to some good use.


It’s really better, I love the new interface and saw that you can customize it as the same like 3Ds Max, Maya etc.

using older machine with linux so the version i needed to use was Blender 2.69 so I hope it will work with this class. The newer versions were not compatible. Will post back if there are problems so future users will know.

I installed Blender for the first time.
Of course, right now, it looks very unfamiliar and confusing to me. But that will pass. At least I already recognized the x-, y- and z lines I know from Second Life. :smiley:

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