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Hello! Other than a few delays with having to update Visual Studio frequently, I’m doing just fine in the course!


Hi! This course is great. Hope everyone else is enjoying it as well


Hello fellow students! Hopefully everyone one of you is enjoying the course so far, because I am! Wishing you all the best of luck in completion of this course!


There is no such thing as a bad question! :slight_smile:




New student hello world 2


Hi Ben,
I’m just thinking you should maybe post a “How to Provide Good Answers” message. There are some nasty people out there.


you may use visual studio 2015 for the course, but the video uses the more updated version which is 2017. There may be certain components updated in visual studio 2017, that visual studio 2015 does not have. This is me learning how to answer good questions lol.


testing out posting on here from video lecture.

I did have to make a change to the output of the project so that the console window would stay open to verify the result of the print.
first project


Hello, im enjoying this course , and I wish you guys to have a plesant evening.


Hi all, I guess this is the gamedev forum. I am bit confused as to what is chat and what is a forum here


Welp if anyone here is got the same mind set as me. Its time to make some games!!!




Hello hello! Just did the discobot’s tutorial on how to navigate the site posts… :smile:

I’m excited and a bit nervous to dive into C++ because I’ve never done any coding before,
but the intro video showing what we’ll be able to do in unreal with it looks really exciting!

Looking forward to learning with you all!


In Visual Studio, you can copy the output of the error window to the clipboard as text. To do this

  1. select the lines you want help with
  2. right click
  3. select ‘copy’


Hey, C++ code will work the same regardless of which version of Visual studio you are using. The #Includes just might be a little different at the top.

It is a bit different for Unreal Engine though. Unreal Engine 4.20 and before are compatible with Visual Studio 2015. It is not recommended though because visual studio will be more likely to show you a false positive (a red squiggly line used to show errors). It will still work, compile, run, and play but you might get confused as to why there are errors being shown. If this does not make enough sense on its own and you need more detail try referring to the official unreal documentation:


Quit readin’ my mind!

Hi everybody, my name is Chris. I’m excited to learn how to use UE4, and reacquaint myself with C++. I briefly dove into it in a class a few years ago, so I’m not a total novice, but I do hope to regain a functional understanding of it. I also hope to be more successful in maintaining focus on my goal of game development.