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I’m wondering If I missed something. It looks like you left us hanging at the end of this video with no actual implementation of the health system class we created, just a quick debugger mode test of the health orb percentage and a game that compiles but is still missing functionality from before. The next video covers a different area of the code, and the one after that seems like it covers something else as well.

I find this extremely confusing — either one of two things needs to happen here when you revise this, IMO:
-You actually challenge us to hook up the health system ourselves, which would not be a problem for me as long as I know that if I do it myself, I won’t be butting heads with something you have planned for this part of the code later
-You tell us we’re going to circle back to this down the line and not to worry.

If either of those two things happened, I totally missed it.

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