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Hi Ben, You should do a video guide about the correct use of GitKraken and GitHub. It will be really helpful for any of us that never use it! Like how can we make a backup like you do every time we change some code or every time that we want to.
Thanks Beforehand!

I create a backup long ago and I accidentally press “Discard all Change”. I basically lost all my progress since then (I was at le lesson 12). Now I have 2 option: Do all over again or download a full project from your website and follow your lesson without writing a line of code or make any change.

Hi, and thanks for the feedback. I think a short course on this would make sense, the challenge we have is how to make it interesting and relevant.

I’ll make sure I show you a little more of my use of the system as I go on with the course, to help you absorb the principles.

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Many thanks! It will be really appreciated,

I’ve been using Atlassian’s SourceTree, which has the advantage of being free. Ben covered how to use this tool in the Unity course. If you don’t have access to that course, Atlassian’s documentation is pretty good. Both these tools require a limited understanding of the underlying Git SCM.

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