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Hello! I just finished Game Art Principles (Part 23) and seeing what people have come up with, I’m wondering I’ve taken on more than I can handle. I am a programmer, working for nearly 30 years so coding/scripting is my wheel house. The artistic side is really where I’m lacking. Can I work through this and get certified? I’m starting to wonder.


No worries my friend. Just learn this enough to get certified. Once you are making games you can outsource this stuff out or just use prefabs from the asset store.

Keep working through it!


Methods to optimize the game:

  • Keep poly count low - less surfaces for the GPU to render

  • Keep bones low - less relationships for the CPU to keep track of

  • 2 Materials max per asset - again just less for the GPU to render

  • Separate forward and backward kinematics - I actually don’t understand this fully, but I trust I will figure it out if/when I start animating

  • Single mesh renderer - less stuff to keep track of/render


Thanks for the encouragement! It’s a new strange world for me.


When I import character package, i get this error ‘Assets/Standard Assets/Characters/ThirdPersonCharacter/Scripts/AICharacterControl.cs(10,28): error CS0234: The type or namespace name AI' does not exist in the namespaceUnityEngine’. Are you missing an assembly reference?’

plz help