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I noticed during this lecture that one of my old animations although it had no keyframes was still hanging around when i exported.
After a few moments i just went to the “Eyes Both Empty” empty (lol?) expanded out and right click the animation and cleared it.
Saved the blend file and re-exported the fbx overwriting the old one and no more animation hanging around.

Not sure exactly what i did wrong but if another student experiences this the fix is here :slight_smile:

What are the more common causes of animations not playing properly in Unity after pulling them over from blender (either as fbx or .blend, the same issues arise). Should I be very meticulous about applying rotations/scale from the start? The weird bit is the eyes ‘track’ the empty/bone in unity by translating, not rotating.

This video should have been before the other one. You got this backward. x.x

so, When I import my fbx into unity, it comes in as a bunch of random animations and not with the ones I named in action editor. Any Ideas what might be going on here?

I have a “Door” object with has a child “DoorHandles” object which is animated separately. (The door rotates on the Z-axis whilst the DoorHandles will rotate on their Y-axis.) Issue is that when, in Blender, I highlight the door, doorHandles objects for export as .fbx into Unity, the doorHandles objects are missing. Unity is not seeing the child 'DoorHandles" object on the parent Door, which it does import properly.