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Great work @Velcronator! Thanks for being at the for front of the course and sharing your work lots!

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Thanks. Great coarse. I’m teaching myself inkscape at the moment. They seem to work together well.

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Here’s the final result of mine. Not overly pleased with it, but I figured I should keep to the challenge spec and not spend hours on it. Could be improved with more time, but here it is all the same:





Some great characters there guys, I almost feel like I’ve spoken to them!



Too much time … It’s not what I intended :wink: but I enjoyed it.


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I have seen the solution by Michael. I didn’t understood the real challenge. But I miss also the connection to the lessons before, where we studied to use bones, boxes, muscle structure etc. Maybe I do it over … See Ya!

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After I posted this I realized he looks like a garbage bag wizard haha


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Well, I had my own final challenge since the beginning of this course, so I deviated a bit from the actual challenge, but I did it in pretty much 1 hour, right on the minute:

Before starting this course
(@see Be the first to post for 'Exporting Your Work'!):

After having finished this course (minus the bonus lesson on tiles):

Mostly just did sketching and used construction lines for orientation/limiting. Definitely room for improvement, but I’m happy with it :slight_smile:

I already set my challenge once I’m finished with the bonus lecture as well: I’ll draw 'em all !!!

This was the reference picture for both: image

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From stickman to this. Yes, before this course ı spent my 1 hour only for stickman. :rofl::rofl:

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There is nothing overdone if it is beneficial in the future. Great work. Congratulations!


I’d like to express how great this course is and how much I am appreciated to you Michael, but I cannot find appropriate words. Congratulations! You are the Hero!

At the begining I was completely greenhorn. Now I think I am incompletely greenhorn.

Wiesiek’s “End of Section 4Challenge”:

Once again Thank you!

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A fearsome knight unmasked! Will he let you pass?

Finally got to the end of the main bits. Quite happy with how this turned out.

The overall proportions are a little off… the one hour time limit made me put a bit too much haste, it really not enough time for me in the present to build a whole character! I took 10 or 15 minutes too much time, i had not even started the shading when my timer rang lol. But I see the potential, with a bit more time, I could have put more care into the proportions, and create a better shading too. Fun challenge! After this course I thinking about buying a graphic tablet, because I lose a lot of time I think with the mouse, drawing wrong lines and passing all my time crontol-z-ing.