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Wanted to refine it, but my Blender crashed ^^ --> always remember to save your work regularly xD


Some really simple low poly object… truck, bath, sword and wine cup



Here are my objects:

low poly tree


low poly castle

really low poly rocket

And last but not least, low poly house-thing


Locomotive, a couple of different wagons and a car. And a short animation.


A low poly car on a road.


QAD! (Quick and Dirty). Low poly with objects from other projects.


4 Low poly Meshes and renders!
My Glasses:

A Dish Soap Bottle:

A Teapot

Scented Wax Warmer:


Curious about the last photo, what is it?


Ah! Its a warmer with a light bulb in it used to melt scented wax. Its basically just an air freshener.


Simple Low Poly Items


my living room



QAD scene for me as well. I thought about using previous models but decided it wouldn’t be in the spirit of the challenge so, here is my bridge (5-10 min), a sedan (10 - 15 min, placing the tires slowed me down), and a Tractor-trailer unit (did I mention the fiddly bits slowing me down… 60+ min), and the river they’re crossing (about 10 seconds… blender made me scale it manually).