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my Cubedude so far :


Cube Dudette



I edit the bitmap in GIMP. Before I do that, I export the a UVMap template.
In the UVmap editor, press MENU > UVs > Export UV layout.
Import it in GIMP, Add in Gimp an extra layer and start painting. Export Image as .PNG then import into Blender.



CubeDude (Minecraft man) I still haven’t applied my mirror modifier as i want to see the next parts of the course before i decide if i want to add detail.


I still have to learn to swich between cycles and blender render, it’s the second time it makes me lose a lot of time :sweat_smile:


Cube Dude in Blender Render


Cube Dude


I called him Cubo hillbilly, bloodsucking, ex-marine… or something like that…


hi, this is my textured cube dude.


Giving myself clues for the next part.