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I do not know anything about Unity. It would be nice to know how your Cube Dude for Unity is set up. When I start Unity, it doesn’t look anything like yours. I have the scene layout at the top left and a game layout underneath it. In the inspector layout to the right side, I can see my Cube guy listed in the assets but I do not see a screen like you have at the bottom of the Unity screen with the graphical representations of my assets.

I am obviously hunting in the dark as I do not know the program, but maybe you could give a brief description of how you have Unity setup when you first bring in your characters for test. Below is a screen shot of how Unity looks when I start it up.


Drag cube dude assets to the big screen on the top


Drag this


Thanks! that helped a lot! :slight_smile:


yo whats wrong with my colors?


Darth Cuber needs some animations and textures but that would be coming next.