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Mine is more an interior scene but here is a quick video of the lighting and a bit of gameplay:

Going for a jungle temple type vibe and a greenish tint. The torches also work quite well for a free asset. All the other stuff are things I created with textures from various sources like


Looks amazing! Im having trouble getting the weapons grip to look as good as yours. The sword keeps bobbing out of the hand as the player walks!


I would make sure the weapon prefab is x 0 y 0 z 0. The grip point is just a transform… so it should stay where you set it and attach to the hand. Other than that maybe review the video about weapons and see if you missed something; happens to me. Sometimes I just watch the video and go eh looks cool but I will come back to it later and really follow it.


Thanks Casey!

After A few more hours I think I got it figured out! I should have switch to my Asset Showcase scene because it was exactly what you mentioned, the transform being off 0,0,0 because I was working inside one of my “working” scenes.


When do lights do come, I think its going to loook awesome.

Thanks so much, I learned a lot so far in this course. Looking forward to making more progress.


Here’s a midnight skybox I found in a pack of ten.
I’m planning to put in some lampposts and find (or make) better buildings.


I like the nighttime ideas… Need to get some nice fire prefabs for some point lights, I think - especially in the village.


Here’s a glimpse of my world :wink:


This is my Village for now!



Here’s my World so far. It’s a work in progress. :rofl: