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The Cage Idea is great. Thanks.


Cage :

Refined :


This was extremely useful in making a more 3d character! My character didn’t end up being nearly as wide as the cage, but it helped my get the angle and depth correct.


I ended up drawing this as I am beginning to find the mouse a bit of a nightmare to work with. I’ve ordered a graphics pad which should be here soon however.







I had fun doing this. First I started with the basic bone-structure. Then added proportions. From there first box sets. Then refining them. I didn’t use references, But I like free sketching.

OK, I added an hour of tweaking to my sportsman. Just for fun.

Feedback from family; “He’s thick” :joy:
(luckily, they see it as a man)


This is probably my last challenge i did for this particular section, as i gradually lost interest in this section.

Mainly because there are very few new tools/function in GIMP were introduced and we haven’t touched anything in the filter tab beside animation.

So here is my character with caging


I concur.
Maybe because GameDev is about games, which uses animations.
But on the other hand, I learned some stuff, besides GIMP.


Programmer art



Also thinking about buying a graphics tablet, but I’m already more than halfway through… and until the tablet arrives I’ll have made some further progress… so maybe I’ll just stick through with a mouse.

Sketching with a mouse is kind of a pain though… especially those damn curves!!!

Well, happy with my result.

With cage





This was really helpful! Here’s the cage and the sketch:

And then here’s the more refined figure – with ambient occlusion!



Wiesiek’ caging: