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@ben I have to admit, us having to add AIModule and GameplayTasks to the .cs file to prevent linker errors is kinda nuts. I’ve never seen anything like that in Unity and I think shows a bit how you have to get your hands a bit messier with Unreal.

As we move on in the course, are you planning on showing us how to go through the source code more as well figuring out things like having to add those two things in the .cs file. Are these dependencies external? I noticed on mine that HeadMountedDisplay was in the list as well.

Hi Gemini, the details of how to delve that deep may be a little too much for this course, but I will certainly touch on my reasoning a little more in this section as things like that come up.

There is demand for more advanced Unreal content, which we will certainly deliver on in time.

Our general plan is to “cover the bases” of Unreal, Unity, Blender and possibly CryEngine - then go into more depth about each.

Hi @ben, I took a quick look at the implementation of UBTaskNode::ExecuteTask and all it seems to do is return EBTNodeResult::Succeeded

In this case would there be any benefit to calling Super::ExecuteTask(OwnerComp, NodeMemory) before adding anymore code to our ChooseNextWaypoint.cpp file?

I’ll let @sampattuzzi answer this one as he’s now in the context of this course.

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