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I wonder at this lecture if its worth introducing the selection to visible options.
I am not sure how new beginners would take to it but thinking lean :wink:

Edit just seen the title in 2 lectures time. Disregard :slight_smile:

Here’s my bowl - and a question. You can see I added an “inner bowl” with the normals reversed, and I was going to "close it up - but I noticed in the render (and in the example above) that you can still see the backs of the rendered faces - I expected transparency. What am I missing here?

HA! two lectures later - I discover MODIFIERS! I feel better now.

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If you select the inner Edgeloop and the outer Edgeloop and then in the toolshelf under Looptools click on bridge, you should get your bowls top closed. otherwise if there already are faces, check for their normals. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

My bowl


the bowl

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Nothing fancy, just a regular blueish bowl

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Here is my bowl for the ‘Basic Selection’ lecture!

My Bowl, using half UV sphere and wireframe modifier


My blue glass bowl.


Simple bowl to the collection


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