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“Thats How Strings Work” should be “Thats how arrays work”

I know Dictionaries weren’t covered but as a long time C# developer I used this:

Dictionary<int, string[]> _passwords = new Dictionary<int, string[]>
    { 1, new string[] { "author", "books", "aisle", "password", "section" } },
    { 2, new string[] { "prisoner", "handcuffs", "holster", "uniform", "arrest" } },
    { 3, new string[] { "money", "deposit", "transaction", "balance", "interest" } },
    { 4, new string[] { "telescope", "supernova", "nebula", "galaxy", "universe" } },

I see, arrays are a nice dictionary for data. It make a lot more sence to me now. Thanks!

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