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my take on person loves bowling challenge story

not very clear that its bolwling pin, but had a shot at something a bit different :slight_smile:

pretty tricky trying to get something in that small a space, but enjoyed it.

Man Loves Bowling!

I think this will be great fun, been wanting a 2D art course for some time:)

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It is a bit crude but here it is!
Person Loves Bowling!

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A bit clunky, great fun!

Looks like I went with a bit of a simplistic design…


Think my bowler is a little on the portly side :slight_smile:

Man loves bowling :running_man::sparkling_heart::bowling::smiley:

an outline story

My bowler has a big head :joy:

man loves bowling


Man loves bowling

Okay, so my heart probably looks more like a fox face… :grin: :fox_face:

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@Yarineth_Ramos Hehe, your man looks like a cute butler! Butler loves bowling! :wink:

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Person loves bowling.
person loves bowling
Cat eats fish.
cat eats fish
I’m having fun. :smile:



And after the next lecture

Lazy screenshot:

And not so lazy rescaled images…

Ok, not sure how long it’s been since I started this the first time. But, I decided to restart the course and will be using it to get comfortable with the XPenpad I got for Christmas year before last (ok, that means at least a year and a half since my previous post :open_mouth: ).

Without further ado, my export
Surprise%20Face Heart Bowling%20Pins

Person Heart Bowling

bowling1 bowling2 bowling3

Smiley-Face loves bowling

personperson loves bowling2bowling

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