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Noticed in this video that i appear to have generated a bug where if i am firing and strafing at the same time it can glitch as if theres a camera shift betwwen the two camera views, especially if i am firing at enemies on the stairs.
Will look into it tommorrow and post back.

Edit :- Posted on Udemy Q&A as noticed it first in my shadowstalkers where i have sprint working. It seems to worsen with speed and its present in (at least my) testing grounds.

Possible fix for this will need confirmation that it doesnt break anything first.

After completing the video click on the “Player” character and in the details tab select the FPCamera.
Under Camera Settings turn Use Pawn Control Rotation back on.
This stops the strafing issue and also allows the BP to remain with the new rotation.

A more permenant solution would probably be make a second copy of the TPCharacter for player only with the Pawn Control Rotation on.

Updating as revisiting this today (For some reason i had to revert project back as my player character stopped firing ).
An easier way to test if your angles are working is get killed, Press F8, Select and move corpse and NPC’s willl aim at it still.
To date still no issue on the on setting the players rotation as in previous posts.
@sampattuzzi I am guessing this is still to be added (Or in a lecture i havent got to yet)

I think it should be fixed in some of the latest lectures. Check them out and let me know.

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I have actually passed this lecture and this does fix the issue including where i have the movement speed increase on my other project.
Thanks Sam! Doing a great job on this :slight_smile:

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It would have been nice if you had tried global rotation and demonstrated why we shouldn’t be using it.
Actually, I don’t get why from your explanations, I was using it at first and it worked just as well and it didn’t even require isolating the pitch value and feels less glitchy. What’s the catch?

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Hello Sam
I did not try but is it possible to have two Child Actor with Gun_BP for FP and TP Character and deny FireComponent ?
And if it possible how much thus architecture is good or bed practice ?

I have two bugs:

  1. I can’t correct FP_Gun Location and therefor TP_Gun firing a little left from it’s barrel

  1. when I moving back, left or right ( not forward ) FPCamera is shaking and reason is that we manually set FPCamera Pitch. if I back and set Use Pawn Control Rotation it’s work fine
    can you help?

You might need to prevent updating rotation from control rotation?

what do you mean?
you think switch off manually rotation and return back Use Pawn Control Roatation ?
if I use both of them code works fine, but I think it’s not best solution

Why doesn’t disabling “Use Pawn Control Roatation” help?

Thank Sam you solved this problem in lecture 295. you uncheck Orient Rotation to Movement
but I am not quit understand what is Orient Rotation to Movement as it is explain “direction of acceleration” but as I guess direction of acceleration is Velocity or it’s mean something else ?

I think in later editor versions you no longer need to manually set the pitch and rotation. I have annotated the video.

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