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I found this lecture particularly useful as at the challenge i decided to add Suzanne the monkey and see how the loops relate to the make up of the head.
I also discovered that edge loops dont work with Tris which is why an ico-sphere is not a good object to base a head on.


I checked out some of the primitives. I too found the icosphere incapable of producing a face or edge loop. I did try the cylinder and found that it had loops but not quite like thoses in the uv sphere or the cube. I tried all of them after adding a subdivision surface modifier to the primitives. The Cylinder was quite interesting and looked a bit like a hot air balloon.


Just selecting loops for several basic shapes. And assigning them a different material.
Susane is full of loops.


I added a cylinder, a cone and a torus to my scene. But surprisingly, the only primitive that has face loops and edges out of the three was the torus! The cylinder just had edges around the exterior, and N-Gons on the top and bottom, and the cone didn’t have any edgeloops or faceloops as well, and had an N-Gon on the bottom. I was not expecting this out-come whatsoever.


Selection Challenge using primitive and some extra mesh