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I followed every step but when I click Shooting in PatrollingGuard, he is automatically Aiming Shooting, even though Aiming is not set to true. I added Apply Mesh Space Additive, plugged in the base, and add the Blend Poses by bool with false as Identity Pose and True to the new Fire Rifle Ironsights Additive. If anyone knows whats going on please help.

The Ai function correctly, the patrol then after Seeing me they come up and Fire. But when I back away they keep playing the Fire animation but their legs stop moving. They just follow me gliding on the floor with their feet spread apart while the Shooting Animation plays.

I have the same issue. My character is just aiming and shooting, but his legs aren’t moving at all, just gliding. I’m on 4.19.2.

EDIT: Fixed it. I didn’t remove Shoot from locomotion, and I had the impression I did. I guess it didn’t save. I used diff to compare my current one and the one from the lecture to find out about it.

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Perhaps @DanM has a clue about this one?

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