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I allow you to laungh about my astronaut :slight_smile:


i did not need 4 pics so i decided to add a pineapple because the astronaut has to eat something.


Here’s my take on the astronaut going to space in a rocket. astronautgo space rocket

astronauta rocket space rocket

Cosmonaut%20and%20rocket%201 Cosmonaut%20and%20rocket%202 Cosmonaut%20and%20rocket%203

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Here is mine “Astronaut goes to space in a rocket”. It was fun to do this, but I am not totally satisfied with the astronaut :laughing:

astronaut rocket launch space

Astronaut Space Rocket

ManAndSpace1 ManAndSpace2 ManAndSpace3 ManAndSpace4

I only managed to get three images out of the scenario. Anyway here is my interpretation. Hahaha.

astrounaut Rocket Space

astronaut go_up space rocket

It’s so hard to only work with 64 pixels total. It took me a while to figure out what to do but I’m pleased with it. I have an astronaut about to get on the rocket, then the rocket, then I have the rocket on lift off, and finally I have a picture of earth from space. :slight_smile: ~Abby
astronaut rocket1 rocket2 space


Here is my go at it
Astronaut Rocket Saturn Jupiter

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Off we go!

Here’ s my try:
Astro1 Astro2 Astro3 Astro4

Here we go!
Astronaut Rocket Space

btw, Gesundheit! :wink:

Looking at your solution I though “snap, why did I not do a diagonal rocket” , lol.
Anyhow I present …
astronaut_helmet astronaut_to_rocket rocket_takeoff stars

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I really struggled to come up with a way to express these in only 8x8 panels. In the end, I ended up with this.

Man Moon Rocket TravelRocket

I quite enjoyed doing this one! The fourth image is meant to be the astronaut floating above the earth haha.
Astronaut Rocket Space Spacewalk


Space%20Trip%201-Landing%20Pad Space%20Trip%202%20-%20Astronaut Space%20Trip%203%20-%20Blast%20Off Space%20Trip%204%20-%20Orbit
The rocket is ready for launch on the landing pad. Our astronaut is racing back to his ship, desperate to escape capture. He makes it just ahead of his pursuers and blasts off into space, heading for the safety of home.

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Astronaut Rocket01 Rocket02 Space

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