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I allow you to laungh about my astronaut :slight_smile:



i did not need 4 pics so i decided to add a pineapple because the astronaut has to eat something.



Here’s my take on the astronaut going to space in a rocket. astronautgo space rocket


astronauta rocket space rocket


Cosmonaut%20and%20rocket%201 Cosmonaut%20and%20rocket%202 Cosmonaut%20and%20rocket%203


Here is mine “Astronaut goes to space in a rocket”. It was fun to do this, but I am not totally satisfied with the astronaut :laughing:

astronaut rocket launch space


Astronaut Space Rocket


ManAndSpace1 ManAndSpace2 ManAndSpace3 ManAndSpace4


I only managed to get three images out of the scenario. Anyway here is my interpretation. Hahaha.

astrounaut Rocket Space


astronaut go_up space rocket


It’s so hard to only work with 64 pixels total. It took me a while to figure out what to do but I’m pleased with it. I have an astronaut about to get on the rocket, then the rocket, then I have the rocket on lift off, and finally I have a picture of earth from space. :slight_smile: ~Abby
astronaut rocket1 rocket2 space


Here is my go at it
Astronaut Rocket Saturn Jupiter


Off we go!


Here’ s my try:
Astro1 Astro2 Astro3 Astro4


Here we go!
Astronaut Rocket Space

btw, Gesundheit! :wink: