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The little Astronaut gets into his rocket and flies far into space!


Amazing to see what some of you guys accomplished with just an 8x8 pixel canvas.

Astronaut Astronaut

Rocket Rocket

Moon Space/The Moon

LandMoon My Lil’ guy on moon.



Still getting used to get the ideas on 8x8, but here is my astronaut travelling to space
08 Challenge A - Astronaut
08 Challenge B - Earth
08 Challenge C - Rocket
08 Challenge D - Space


Astronaut Goes To Space In Rocket (astronaut - rocket - take-off - space horizon)
Story1 story2 story3 story4

A Pineapple



Here is my attempt, rocket equipped with lasers! pew pew.



astronaut bound with rocket to an unknown red planet.


An Astronaut Goes Into Space
Here is my attempt, was pretty fun getting into the color side of things. The 8x8 limitation was a nice little challenge.


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I’m amazed with how creative everyone was when working within such a restricted space. I can’t wait to dive further into this course and hopefully improve my artistic talents. :slight_smile: With that being said, here was my attempt at this project:



That’s exactly how I was thinking when I decided to post mine!


I admit this is one tough cookie:
Astronaut GoesTo Space InARocket


Astronaut goes to space in a rocket:
Astronaut Countdown Rocket Planet


NASA style

Space_1 space_2 space_3 space_4


Looks nice to have some colours now. Cheers!




Quite difficult to work in the 8x8 space for this. Nice challenge!


These are all great! I’m pretty proud of my work, too. Except the space… Looks like a black and white cookie. :joy:



I got to share here too XD



cool, it’s flying and fading away


Here’s mine:
Astronaut Rocket Space RocketSpace



These challenges are very interesting. I saw very nice pictures in all your posts. Since I’m more of a programmer than an artist, to be honest, it was not easy for me.


Helmet, rocket, clouds and space. The clouds look more like an old Atari game, Air Sea Battle, LOL!