BattleTank as Standalone game - colors all washed out

The colors are ok in the editor and also when played in a separate window, but when played as a standalone game the colors are all washed out. Anyone knows why and what to do about it? Thanks!

It seems to have something to do with the landscape material (FlatLand), I replaced it with a blue material and no more washed out colors. As to why, I need to investigate further…

Tried gamma, sRGB, specular, in textures and adding a PostProcessing Volume, to no avail. In fact, the fading is dynamic, it gets worse if the player is not moving, changes quite a lot depending on the direction the tank goes…maybe it’s a performance problem? Next I’ll import the whole landscape in a new test project, with default lighting, etc… and see what happens…when I think that the starter content table and chairs arrangement works perfectly! Hopefully it’s just a tick somewhere.

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