Battle Tank V0.1

Hi, here’s the current state of my game, after finishing the Battle Tank lectures. I’d appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:

Battle Tank V0.1


This is great, how’d you get grass on the uneven terrain like that?

Thanks :slight_smile: I used the open-source Advanced Grass Blueprint. Initially I used the blueprint itself, but then I ended up using the landscape material instance from their example scene. Then I spent a long time messing around with the material parameters to get it the way I want.

A very nice result! Watching your gameplay video makes me want to dive into the course right away :slight_smile:

Thanks, appreciate the positive feedback! :smiley:

Great job on the landscape! texturing and foliage look really good. Your tank seems to be running pretty smoothly on the terrain, which is good. That’s something I’ve been having a lot of issues with. Overall great job!

Wow keep up the good work! Game play looks really smooth and the map itself looks good.

Really nice @Ksawery! I’m currently modifying my tank game now that I’ve finished the course. I know it’s been a while since your post, but if you see this, any tips on how you displayed the tank health on the Player UI instead of the health bar attached to the tank itself?

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