Battle Tank Improvement Ideas

Josh, a 13-year old played Battle Tank today as it stands today, and here are some things you could consider adding to your game…

  • Take damage when the tank falls to the ground
  • Increase your barrel movement speed (about 4x our setting)
  • Increase reload speed, down to about 0.5s delay
  • Make it easier to see which way is forward on the tank
  • Fix any unclimbable cliffs in the centre of the play space
  • Implement a simple scoring system & waves of enemies
  • Give a way of flipping the tank back upright
  • Move health bar to bottom left
  • Make everything possible destructible
  • Give a mini-gun as a 2nd option

Who is game?


Here’s my list of stuff I want to implement, if anyone needs some ideas! :slight_smile:

Already Implemented:

  1. Powerups: Reload Speed, Tank Speed, Health, Armour).
  2. Mines. Right-clicking drops a mine that explodes and deals damage when a tank drives over it.
  3. Ammo. Pickup to restore ammo.

To Do:

  1. Destructible terrain. Tank shells/explosions do damage to the environment and make divets in the ground. I think someone here already did this, so hopefully they left useful information on how to recreate it.
  2. Friendly tanks. Spawn some tanks that work with the player to destroy the enemies.
  3. Better aiming UI. I’d like to implement some sort of aiming reticule that gets bigger/smaller as the barrel moves around.
  4. Random enemy spawning, so you fight waves of enemies rather than a fixed amount.
  5. Some better keyboard controls. I’m playing on my laptop and the controls feel a bit clunky, so i’d like to try to figure out some better-feeling controls.

If anyone has any other ideas that might be fun/interesting to implement let me know!

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