Battle Spirit- My 2D fighting game

Play it here: . Tell me if it doesn’t work and how I can make it work. After playing it, tell me what you think of it. Use arrows keys to move, E to punch and Q to electrocute.

EDIT: I’ve updated the game and put it up in the link

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You need to explain the game to the player inside the game (a little tutorial or a text saying what does what), also, you should add a button to restart the match after you lose or win, there is nothing we can do once we lthe battle finishes

Oh ok. It’s just that, in order to gain experience, learn more coding/programming and create my first game, I tried making something playable asap. This is just barely playable, but playable.


Hey by the way if you guys are wondering how I did something in this game, you can ask me here. I’ve programmed not 100% but around 90-95% of the game because I’ve had a little bit of help from a pro and google search. I should be able to explain anything though.

It’s playable yes, but as Joao said you might need text explaining it.
When I pressed Q and E nothing happened, they only seemed to work when the enemy was close.
So maybe if you had them working regardless of the enemy was standing it would be better.
I’m one of those people who doesn’t bother with tutorials or reading the controls unless I run into a problem, before then I just mash keys to see what works, so I thought Q and E weren’t working :slight_smile:

I found out if you dont move then the AI gets stuck walking into the box in front of you.
And I dont know why but the first time I played it the collision didnt work, and I could walk through all of the boxes :slight_smile:
Good start though. Are you expanding on it or just making something that works?

Yeah punch should work when you’re only up close to the enemy and special attack should work only when you’re facing the enemy.

I mainly wanted to create something playable, even if it’s just barely. Maybe someday I’ll expand on it.

Yeah I know the feeling. I just finished my game that I started when doing the Laser Defender tutorials, I could expand on it a lot more but I just want to get it done and move on to other tutorials.
I’ve posted it in this forum BTW, it’s called Intergalactic Aid, if you could try it out and let me know what you think I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

Hey guys! Can you tell me would you be interested in me expanding this game? Do you guys think my game has that kind of potential? I think these new sprites I’ve found I can create different characters and a number of skills for both your player character and the enemies. I think I can create skills and weapons like bombs, explosions, poison gas, shooting lasers etc… Would you guys be interested in playing such a game? I can create a power up store or something using points you gain from battles and use them to level yourself up and learn new skills. Think such a game would be fun for you guys to play?

Here, I’ve done major updates to the game:

It goes off the left side of the screen unfortunately…

Okay I’ve fixed that “screen issue”. Here is the new game:

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