Battle Siege Royale | Texture and Normal Map painted Landscape



I made four materials based off of some 2K textures I made in Photoshop. The materials and normal maps were intuitive but I’m lost with scaling and LOD.


Wow, nice. You certainly invested some time into this!


Thanks, I fixed the texture scaling issues since then and it looks a lot better now.


Btw if you want the tiling not to be so apaprent create let’s say two different grass tilesets and blend them with grayscale noise as a mask. With two maps you’ll have good results, but I think with three you can get a surface where it’s really hard to discern the tiling unless you are specifically looking for it. You need to try it and adjust as needed. :wink:


Thanks, I’ll try that. I’ll work on the aesthetics more after I nail down some of the coding.