Battle Siege Royale; A Medieval Seige Weapons Game

As usual, I want to make my project a bit different, and maintain the fantasy theme, so I came up with this game model.

Battle Siege Royale;
A Medieval Seige Weapons Game

Battle Siege Royale pits two or more siege weapons against each other in an open world combat.
Game modes are PvE single player or PvP multi-player with one on one or one against all modes.
The last remaining siege weapon takes first place, with each following tank taking 2nd, 3rd and so on.
Terrain covers are a major component of the strategy, with ruined castles, wooden forts, etc…

Every siege weapon for himself/herself!
Destroy opponent weapons beyond repair by firing at them until their health bar reaches zero
Don’t let your health bar reach zero, or your siege weapon will be destroyed and you lose.

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