Bat wing help needed

How would I go about making a bat wing or webbed toes? I want a thin membrane that I can punch holes into and stretch.


Start by modeling the basic shape of the wing or toes using basic shapes like cubes and cylinders or by sculpting them using the sculpting tools in Blender.

Create the thin membrane by extruding the edges of the wing or toes and then scaling them down. Use the Subdivision Surface modifier to smooth out the edges and create a more organic shape.

Add a cloth simulation to the membrane by selecting it and then going to the Physics tab in the Properties panel. Set the type to Cloth and adjust the settings like the Mass, Structural, and Shear stiffness to get the desired level of elasticity and stretchiness.

To create holes in the membrane, you can use the Boolean modifier to subtract shapes from it. Create a mesh object in the shape of the holes you want and then add a Boolean modifier to the membrane object, selecting the mesh object as the object to subtract from.

Finally, adjust the material and texture of the membrane to give it the desired appearance, such as a translucent, slightly shiny look. You can use Blender’s built-in material nodes to achieve this effect.

You should be able to achieve webbed toes with this method, hope this helps!


Fantastic. Thank you! Happy birthday btw.

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Glad I could help, thanks for the birthday wishes!

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