Bat Cave at Night

Hi everyone! So this is my first model made for Section 1 challenge using primitives and Cycles engine. I’m super stoked the more I progress into this course. It was super fun and inspiring to model, though for the bats to be seen, there had to be a light source coming from inside the cave… which makes no sense haha but looks better (the red light could be coming from a fire of a traveller but the white one… hehe).

In interested in your thoughts about the lighting and any recommendations.

Have a good one.


It’s amazing what you created with only primitives. Very creative!
I like also the story you are telling.
Plus two different bat types and diversity in trees.
That’s makes it worth looking at.

Most people struggle with editing mesh, models and layout. But lighting, composition, texturing are even more bigger challenges. You will learn!

Problem is, most 3D artists (including my self), treat Blender Cycles as the real thing, because it mimics the real world physics. But making a highly realistic piece of art, is very very difficult. And the brain can easily sas, it’s fake.
Your bat cave is fake, but because of that the brain sees a beautiful image. Because you imagination fills in the gaps. And that make art , art! So that’s why I say, three thumbs up. It’s an imaginary visual picture!

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Thank you, @FedPete for the kind comments :smile: Yes, I found myself thinking the same way, just learning the basics and already trying to make it as realistic as possible, even though the artistic version could be more fun and enriching to do.

That’s why your comment made me smile and I totally agree, art should be art! Getting better every day and so happy to be a part of this awesome community :+1:

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