BASIC TELEPORTING QUEST: ‘Design A Puzzle’ - Solutions

I beat it and liked it! Very cool button mechanic :smile:I love how everyone seems to be using trees as platforms. Also had small problem to run the game, probably sharemygame has to take some time to load it(maybe due to it being 3d it takes more time).

Regarding the problem with the maze, it was another bug that I didn’t caught, apologize for that. Fixed version up now and made sure it’s 100% beatable this time(will try to qa better for the next challenge club game).

Thanks for the feedback, am glad you liked it!
The button mechanic took way longer than it probably should have… but still learning, so will cut myself some slack on that one. :laughing:

I will take another look at your game with it’s fixed maze… hopefully I will beat it now!

Very good… lots of nice stuff… some of those jumps are tough!!!

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Well here’s my simple game, the goal is to simply get from point A to point B.

Game Play Video

Play the game

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Cool - got thru it after a bit of looping around and falling off.
The where to next lit teleports seemed inconsistent but dont know if that is because
I used the (unlit) ground teleport first. I’m not sure if that was intentional or if you are supposed to jump across first. A few in and I noticed the lights on the teleports.
The teleports also seemed to get switched off so at some stage too so when i got stuck I went back to the middle and started the loop again which seemed to free them up.
Good stuff getting a puzzle out there

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Posting the result for my challenge. After looking at what’s being posted, I must say… mine is the worse one. So many talented people here.

Here’s the code and video demo:

I think your result looks great. And the fact that you posted something puts you in the top 5% of people who actually create something and finish! Nice work.

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Finishing something playable is good work - even better if you put it somewhere we can play it!

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Hey, I just completed this first chapter. Despite having experience with Unity already, I still enjoyed playing around with it a lot. This is the result:

I know it’s not as polished, so hopefully the goal is clear. I did try to make up with visuals/sound. Bascially, you are supposed to look around in the darkness for a bit and discover where to go eventually.

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Nice! I’ll admit it… I got lost. :slight_smile: I like the idea of all of the teleport pads all over the place and trying to find my way in the dark to the right one! The lighting was a little bit inconsistent… There were some areas of the playspace where the light seemed to flick on and off, perhaps unintentionally? Or it could be that you had a trigger collider in there and I just missed it. I’ve seen some funky behaviour with a bunch of point lights in close proximity to one another too, so it could be that. Ok, enough rambling from me. :slight_smile: Nice work finishing the challenge!

Nice and well done for putting something together that worked for me and I made it around.

I found it odd I couldnt spin all the way round using the mouse. I’d get stuck and have to go round the other way. This was especially odd after a teleportation when I wanted to look around and was already maxed one way and so was a little disorientating.

Still a good job.

Oh, wow, thanks for testing it out. Didn’t expect replies.

I didn’t really notice the lighting issue. I think it might have to do with how Unity culls point lights. I know there is a limit to them, and my game might have more than that
I increased it in the quality settings, that will hopefully fix it.
Also added text at the beginning that tells the player to follow the green light. Hopefully that will make it less confusing.

I wonder what that is about. It sounds like it could be a webGL+fullscreen thing? I only use the Player Controller that came with the project, which moves the camera as long as you are able to move the mouse.
Edit: I wonder how to fix that. If you don’t use fullscreen it works fine
Edit2: Okay, I removed the fullscreen button (unity already has one). After that, just make sure to click into the game after you fullscreen and it should enable the full rotation.

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I did manage to get full rotation (somehow) when trying again.

I think with my game (see top of thread) because I have a menu and button inside the game I didnt get the issue (or at least I don’t remember having one) though do think WebGL can thow up the odd (random) issue now and again…

GOTY? Maybe. Bug-free? You bet. Enjoy this mind bending puzzle challenge sure to keep you entertained for about a minute! Gives Atari’s E.T. a real run for its money. Please don’t stake my reputation on this game.

It works! Kind of!
Lost my mouse pointer at end so couldnt ‘play again’.
But at least you produced something which is moe than most!

First reply since a while, but here is my puzzle:

Nicely atmospheric - well done

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